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Below is a film that I made with Millican and Sim Warren, launched October 9th 2019, that explores the heart of my work outside. We look at the healing lessons of nature, the importance of nature connection for human health and wellbeing, and the need to throw open the doors on the erroneous privatisation of suffering. Themes of process and presence abound. Two days after launch the film made it as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

About me.

I’m Ruth Allen and I’m a qualified outdoor (eco-) counsellor/psychotherapist, person-centred coach and an experienced organisational consultant, trainer and facilitator. I work with individuals, groups and occasionally couples.

I specialise in outdoor practice, nature connection and the power of relationship. I’m interested in how we make meaning of our lives, the stories we tell, and the things we’ve been through. I am particularly interested in working with suicidal clients, clients experiencing anxiety, as well as survivors of trauma or abuse.

For organisations and business I am interested in the development of innovative mental health and wellbeing support packages for individuals and groups. I work with everyone from outdoor companies to Higher Education Providers, promoting, advocating and training people to move more in nature for good mental health.

I am also a writer, speaker, adventurer – exploring the intersections between health, wellbeing, movement, story and the outdoors. 

In autumn 2018 I ran solo and unsupported across the Bosnian Dinaric Alps, an assumed world first, and I continue to enjoy inspiring people through new adventures that combine my love for place, people and purpose.

In 2019, I gladly took on the supervisory role of CIC Director for ‘Rooted for Girls’ a unique woodland-based psycho-educational programme for teenage girls in the North of England.

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Ruth Allen

Forthcoming events and info.

Ride and Talk on Run Bosnia, Alp Kit, Hathersage, Peak District UK.

19th October 2019. Tickets here.

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“The combination of Ruth's incisive yet gentle approach and her knowledge of the wild outdoors brought something to the table that I haven't experienced before in coaching. Through excellent questioning, adaptive practices utilising our natural surroundings and her innate understanding of how complicated we all are, Ruth helped me make some significant breakthroughs and I’ve since launched myself towards my project with new insight and inspiration” - GM.

Image credit Lottie Brown Photography 2019


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