Company /kʌmp(ə)ni/ noun

the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.


Company of Explorers

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The Gentle Mountaineer

The Slow Mountain Company was started by Ruth, mountaineer, occasional climber, geologist, educator and illustrator. Ruth started tSMCo. as a home for fellow outdoor folk who engage differently with the natural world around them, elevating ethical lifestyle choices, and perhaps taking it all at a different pace. Passionate about equality of experience, and promoting travel that is affordable and attainable, she's a keen boutique mountain hunter: seeking out the quiet spots that others overlook! She drinks tea like a true Brit, and everyone says about her 'oh, you're shorter than I expected'. 


Mapping and Logistics

Neil is an engineer and volcanologist with an interest in hazard mapping, having spent many a good month on the slopes of Mt Etna or Stromboli. He is a longtime Mountain Leader, and an enthusiastic map hound. He is also a keen hill cyclist, preferring the uphill to the down and will be cycling the Tour de France routes in September 2015. 


Along with the core team, tSMCO. is made up of a stellar crew of contributing editors who are getting into the mountains in their own way, in any scraps of time they can find. 

Rich - Wildcamper, and outdoor dad extroadinaire, Rich has an uncanny ability to seek out sunsets and stunning cloud formations in the beautiful places in the UK. Based in Nottingham, he often bolts for the hills at the end of a long working week, and we love the way he manages it all with a budget and often with his little explorers in tow! You can read his own blog, Run Ride and Sleep Outside here

Rebecca - Our resident writer and poet over the pond, Rebecca lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont and keeps us dreaming with her Appalachian diary, sharing the seasons of that great North American mountain range we love to dream about. She is a published poet and her blog, Grongar can be found here

Wes - Mountain artist and wildcamper Wes, can be found creating a dazzling array of outdoor burners to keep your coffee hot and your tummy full on those dark UK nights in the hills, whilst also miraculously painting beautiful scenes from our favourite parts of the  Lake District and beyond. His stunning artwork can be admired and bought here


If you would be interested in contributing your tales and adventures to tSMCo. then just get in touch, we'd love to hear your ideas!