Coaching on the Trail® 

Haute Route alpine traverse, French and Swiss Alps, 2016.

Haute Route alpine traverse, French and Swiss Alps, 2016.


I work indoors and out, but what makes me different is that I also coach 'on the trail', giving you personal development and time outside in one package! Think of it as learning to  scuba dive whilst on a summer holiday, rather than in a cold quarry near your house. You get to do the work, but in a beautiful location of your choosing. 

This package is unique to me at White Peak Wellbeing - you won't find it anywhere else!

Coaching outdoors is similar to that done indoors except being outside typically makes the process more enlivened, more powerful and more memorable and inspiring. The process is alive from the outset as you go on an outer and inner journey, giving your worries to the fresh air, and pulling out your wishes, wants and goals seemingly from the ground as you go. 

I offer trail coaching in the following formats, but I'm open to your suggestions too.  Perhaps there's somewhere you've always wanted to walk?

  1. One-day trails up mountains, along coastlines, over moors.

  2. Weekend trails with an overnight camp - even more time to explore your coaching goals.

  3. Long-distance trails - ultimate bespoke coaching packages for individuals or small groups.

  4. Pilgrimage trails - combining coaching with ancient spiritual pilgrim routes

  5. Half day outdoor sessions (local Peak District only).

A full day of coaching is typically 7 hours, but we can start and end depending on local conditions and your personal preferences  at the time. In this respect, a day of coaching on the trail is 'equivalent' to a standard package made up of 2-4 indoor sessions over a period of months. It is ideal for people who:

  • need a kick-start in a specific direction

  • need encouragement in getting something finished

  • require an intensive shot of motivation and enthusiasm

  • like to get straight to the heart of the issue and work on it with commitment

  • want to walk somewhere beautiful whilst ironing out their current issues/problems/sticking points.

  • like to get to the root of a problem swiftly so that they can press on!

I am a keen walker/hiker/trekker and can testify to the developmental power of long walks. Walking for long days, several days or weeks at a time on a physical and emotional/mental journey offers a profound insight into ourselves and our inner strength and perseverance. Succeeding on a long trail is incredibly empowering, motivating and often life changing. 

Do I have to be fit? 

Coaching outdoors doesn't mean you have to be an athlete. We will move at your pace at all times (after all you need to be going slow enough to talk!) so as long as you have some baseline of fitness, and interest in walking, then we will be fine. We can plan a route accordingly. 

That said, coaching on the trail is perfect for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and wouldn't otherwise consider coaching or counselling indoors. Again, we will adapt accordingly! 

Prices start from £200 for a full day  one-to-one walking and coaching.

In addition, I run seasonal offers so look out for those online. Discounts apply for multiple days.

(to give you a rough estimate of equivalence, a walking/mountain guide in Snowdonia/Lakes/Scotland will generally cost between £180-200 for a small group or pairs) 

If this sounds uniquely excellent to you then drop me a line and we'll take it from there:

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