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I work as a volunteer and private counsellor, and have a small private practice based out of The Matlock Therapy Centre, Derbyshire, as well as outdoors and online. My fees are an affordable investment in your mental health and wellbeing, reflecting local rates. My current fees are as follows:

Face-to-face (indoors) £35 per 55-minute sessions

Walking and Talking (outdoors) £50 per session (coaching and counselling)

Online counselling (video or voice-only) £30 per 60 minute session

The value of face-to-face counselling speaks for itself, but clinical research suggests that online counselling is as effective for supporting clients with emotional and mental health difficulties, whilst also being the most affordable option for many. This option will also suit busy people (work/family commitments etc.), non-local and international clients, and differently-abled individuals who might otherwise find it difficult to make a face to face appointment.  

Book with no hassle and immediate confirmation on the button below where you can choose from online counselling, crisis support or a 'discovery' session if you don't know what you'd like!

My interests include: depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, trauma, mental health, supporting wellbeing, grief and  bereavement, loss, low self-esteem, confidence, stress, burnout, identity, name just a few. 

I also work with individuals who are struggling with suicidal feelings. If you're in this position it can be difficult to find a private counsellor who is able to work with the risk. If you are struggling, please make use of the Crisis Support option bookable below to discuss next steps. 

I am a person-centred, humanistic counsellor with specialist knowledge in outdoor therapies, and I work 'pluralistically' - this means I work in collaboration with you to see 'what works' for you as a starting point. 

Please use the form below if you think counselling would be helpful for you, or use the online booking form (button above) to arrange an immediate online appointment.  In both cases I will contact you to have a talk through the support you're looking for (in the first instance this will be via email.)