How can we work together? 

Let me count the ways! I offer one-to-one indoor and outdoor counselling and coaching, offline and online, for individuals whether you're struggling with mental health issues, stuck in a life rut, or want to gain more confidence.  There are no rules or exceptions. I also work with businesses and organisations to deliver group coaching, training and workshops on empathy in the workplace, authentic leadership and the use of green space at work. You can use the various contact forms on relevant pages or simply email me: 

All I want is a quick chat about my life choices and a bit of advice to set me on my way - can I just email you? 

I wish I could give everyone the time for a quick chat for free, but unfortunately I get a lot of emails enquiring about how I got into this work, why I decided to change career, what my top tips are, advice for social media etc. For a long time I have tried to keep on top of all of that because I want to be supportive but it was taking so much of my time that it became unsustainable. However, I do want to help you with this so I have created a 'coaching light' Advice and Guidance option bookable immediately online, which is a super-affordable way of accessing my expertise and experience, and guarantees your questions the time they deserve! Click the button below and select the 3rd option in the pop up window! 

What's 'trail-work'?

'Trail work' is coaching on the trail. You can find more information about it here. Trail coaching is an exciting and growthful way to coach and be coached, and is my specialism as an outdoor practitioner. I work with individuals, but can also work with groups. For information on format and vibe please visit the specific page above. 

What's your style? 

I am not the kind of coach who is wed to models (though sometimes models can be helpful!). Instead, we will look at where 'you're at' and what you want from counselling or coaching and start from there. In fact, you might not yet know what you want. That's ok too!

I take a whole person approach to everything that I do. My counselling and coaching style is primarily person-centred and collaborative; driven by your goals and desires, which we'll continually explore as we work together. This is about you. I'm here to listen, support and nurture you, and hopefully offer  you some new or different ways of thinking. Sometimes I might challenge you to consider things differently. However, I will never tell you what to do, as I believe that only you are the expert on your own life. I'm about empowering not instructing. You have the answers, I just work with you to uncover them. My job is to hold a safe space for you to explore your dreams and goals without judgement and to help you find solutions based on your own innate wisdom of what is meaningful to you. My approach is non-judgemental and based on equality. I do not have all the answers, but I can help you explore your own ideas, limitations and boundaries. 

My speciality is using nature-based activities, time well-spent outdoors and facilitated engagement with the natural world around you as a starting point to a more meaningful engagement with your inner and outer world. I work indoors and outdoors, but bringing more of the outdoors into your life journey and process is what I'm all about, even if that's planting a seed in your mind to take away and grow. 

I live abroad, can we still work together?

Yes we can. I work nationally and internationally via online sessions bookable here, where you can find an available slot that suits you and pay directly through paypal. No fuss, short wait time. 


I'm interested in nature but I'm not sure about all this outdoor stuff? Do I need to be fit? Do we have to go outside?

In all of the work we do together I work at your pace on your goals - so you take centre stage and call the shots. My work isn't about making you an athelete, it is about helping you explore how the natural world can play a bigger role in your life and help you build the life you want, or better harness the life you already have. If we meet face to face then we might walk along a river, walk up a mountain or stroll in the woods. Sometimes we might not go outside at all if that's not suitable for you. Some of my work is simply thinking about time we've spent outdoors, natural imagery and 'bits of nature brought indoors'. I know how good the natural world can make you feel in all areas of your life - and how it can help you grow the life you want for yourself - my job is to help you explore this relationship for the first time, or how to enliven the relationship with the outdoors that you already have. This is not just about being 'outdoorsy'. You are part of the natural world, as a functioning and unique human being. You are already involved with the outside, you just might not feel it right now. 

If you want to work together in the mountains or come on a long-distance trail of discovery with me then we'll look at your level of experience and fitness and adapt a way forward together. 

What is expected of me? 

All I ask of you is that you always try to bring 100% of yourself to each session. That doesn't mean you have to be happy or have all of your ideas in order. It simply means that you will show up with honestly so that we can make the most of our time together and get things done. I also ask you to observe the cancellation policy and give your health and wellbeing the time it deserves. 

I'm excited to start working with you!

You're on social media - how does that work?

My primary social media platform is Instagram, where I post a lot of 'behind the scenes' stuff, and an insight into my daily life and adventures outdoors. I have a growing following of over 10k people, but I'm primarily concerned with the connections we make, and engagement across the online sphere. As a personal, private client our work will never be discussed or disclosed online. I adhere to a strict ethical framework for my therapeutic and coaching practice. My social media profile is reserved only for related outdoor work, and for occasional, selected brand collaborations. If we work together there is no obligation to share your online world with me.  

Tell me about costs, money and all those uncomfortable British things...

My trail coaching options start from £200, and I offer coaching sessions face to face and online for £50. I currently offer counselling sessions from as little as £30 (online for 55 minutes). I don’t offer complicated coaching packages; just simple flat rates that you can budget for.

It's really important to me that I work honestly and with integrity, and that all prices reflect this ethos. My prices fairly reflect the work I do, but are set to be accessible. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make for your wellbeing and your future. For every new coaching client I work with, I offer free (pro bono) counselling sessions to clients who can’t afford it. This means you can be assured that your payment is linked into a ‘paying it forward’ scheme. This way everyone wins.

What will happen after I've got in touch for coaching? 

Before we start any one-to-one work together it's important for me to know what you would like to get out of our work together. You don't have to have all the answers, but we will begin the process of asking the right questions  together. This means that you will get the best out of the process. This will primarily be over email in the first instance.