Promoting a curious, adventurous and inclusive approach to the outdoors - where Slow doesn't mean snail-pace, but everything in its own time. The real outdoors, for real people by authentic mountain folk.



The Gentle Mountaineer

The Slow Mountain Company was created in 2015 by The Gentle Mountaineer, Ruth  - a long-time mountain enthusiast, geologist and supporter of ethical and sustainable lifestyles. For years, Ruth felt that something was missing from the mountain narrative; a more mindful appreciation of the mountains lost amongst a culture that puts sport before wonder. For the full story read on About Us and what we're trying to create with The Slow Mountain Co. 

About Us 

A New Manifesto

The Slow Mountain Company is a challenger movement that everyone can be part of, whether you are old-timer mountaineers and climbers, or new to the upland areas of your own country. In fact, our ethos goes beyond just the mountains - we promote a more appreciative approach to our natural environment generally and encourage you to be part of a new culture. Are you part of The Slow Mountain Co.?

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Upland Dispatches

Good quality writing is important to us mountain types. Whether you're up the hill, over the hill or taking a rest from the hill you can rely on The Slow Mountain Co. to keep you up to date with interesting, topical and inspiring dispatches from mountain and upland environments and communities around the globe. We are based in the UK, but will endeavor to bring you interesting content from all over our high planet so that you can be inspired to get outside and get Slow.

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