One Day Outdoor Coaching: Friday 25th January 2019

When & Where: Friday 25th January. Peak District, Yorkshire or North Wales (to be discussed together).

What: We will do one-to-one coaching together from approx. 9.30-4pm (in keeping with winter daylight hours) meeting inside first (for a cuppa and a chat) and then moving outdoors where we will walk, talk and explore what’s going on for you.

How: My coaching is person-centred and broadly rooted in existential philosophical practice. That means, you are the expert on your experience and have the answers and solutions to the problems you’re facing. My job is to listen, ask questions, challenge and help you make sense and meaning of where you’re at in the here and now. We will look at your goals, and what’s troubling you or holding you back from living the life you want, and we will look at ways through that suit you. During the day we will consider your values and beliefs, the stories you tell yourself and others and how you understand the role of purpose and meaning in your life. We will do this and plenty more besides!

Who: I am a qualified psychotherapist/counsellor specialising in outdoor therapy and coaching. My approach is non-pathologising and relational, meaning that I am interested in helping you make sense of your life and the things you are facing (however difficult) through a strong and safe working relationship together.

Suitability: You do not have to be an outdoorsy person, or be especially experienced outdoors. We will work at your pace and level of experience, whilst aiming to gently push you forwards. We do not have to have worked together before (this may be the first time) but you are equally welcome to book the session if we have or already do work together in therapy/coaching. All I ask if that you wear appropriate clothing for the day and I can advise on that when we know the weather!

Cost: £165 for a full day of outdoor coaching (plus email support before and after.)

How to Book: As there is only one place available securing the space will be on a first come first served basis. Please email me at to express your interest and I will send you a paypal invoice to secure the place. Once we’ve got it in the diary we will plan the location in line with your preferences and get started!

For more information on my practice approach and values please have a scout around this website or find me on Instagram @whitepeak_ruth. I look forward to working with you.