Outdoor Wellbeing: Mindful Hike/Walk 31st May 2018 Peak District

I will be leading an informal and mindful hike/walk in the Peak District next Thursday 31st May, as a moment to mentally pause at the end of Spring, and welcome the coming Summer ahead, whilst giving quiet gratitude to the season that has passed, and all that it has brought with it (whether that's good or bad). 

If you would like to join me then we'll be meeting at 11am in the free car park on the reservoir edge a few hundred metres before you arrive at the Fairholmes Visitor Centre S33 0AQ. The car park is surrounded by 'metred' car parking places, and is fairly shaded as it's surrounded by trees. We'll be meeting near my small LIGHT BLUE Peugeot camper van, reg beginning PK58.  

Please bring suitable clothing for the weather, food (for yourself and others if you wish to share!) and drinks (cold, warm, whatever is your preference). 

We will spend some time introducing ourselves to each other, and I will briefly talk about the art and technique of walking mindfully, before heading off for a quiet walk up onto the moor tops towards Alport Castles. We will intersperse quietly walking mindfully, with stopping to rest, reflect, notice and chat! The aim is to enjoy the surroundings and hopefully each other's company too. You are welcome to bring a journal if that suits you.  

You do not have to be fit to walk mindfully. We will go at a pace that suits everyone. The emphasis is on enjoying nature, and the surroundings in the present moment, not to be getting anywhere fast, or ahead of anyone else :-) This is an informal introduction to mindful movement. 

If you would like to join me/us, then please let me know on ruth@whitepeakwellbeing.com - if I know you're planning on attending then I will not leave without you! Likewise, if you want to join, but find you can't please also let me know so that I am not waiting around ;-) 

I look forward to meeting you on the hill!

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