Columbia X She Explores X White Peak Wellbeing

Not ten minutes back from London, and I'm thrilled to receive some photos from last month's morning hosting a discussion about outdoor wellbeing for Columbia Sportswear EU and their She Explores campaign. Honestly, it was hard to imagine a more inspiring urban morning for me, bouncing out of the hotel to store, only to be met by amazing staff, croissants, some great gear and a welcoming and willing group of women ready to engage in conversation about outdoor wellbeing over their OJs. 

This was a really chilled session to facilitate and it was great to get folk thinking about 'their outdoors' and what the outdoors means to them. From there we discussed the ways that being outdoors is amazing for wellbeing, even if we've never thought about exactly why or how that happens. I then introduced a couple of approaches to walking and wellbeing, as well as my own LAND technique for getting grounded and making the most of  those snippets of time outdoors. 

As the session drew to a close I invited the group to set some wellbeing intentions for the months ahead, and I look forward to following up with them in a few months time to see whether they've got stuck in with renewed enthusiasm. I also provided notebooks, because everyone loves a notebook. I even designed them myself. 

All in all, an inspiring morning with inspiring women. I'm all about promoting inclusivity outdoors; encouraging everyone to find their own meaningful relationship with nature, and it's exciting for me to see big brands starting to notice that for every elite athlete, there are thousands more people who are living and loving the outdoors in their own way. 

Oh yeah, and how thrilled was I to be given their newest eco-friendly entirely plastic- free waterproof? This goes everywhere with me right now (because don't we all know how dismal the weather is this spring in the UK. Gah.)

I simply can't talk about outdoor wellbeing, without including the wellbeing of the outdoors. The outdoor industries have a long way to go in getting their gear ethical and ecological, but I'm gratified that they're listening to the demands of consumers, and starting to make changes. Being part of the conversation matters.