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Coach. Therapist/Counsellor. Writer. Speaker. Nature and Outdoors. Adventurer. Mountains.


Indoor and Outdoor personal development (+ small business) coaching, and therapeutic work.

Promoting emotional and mental wellbeing through nature, adventure, and time well-spent outdoors in the natural world. 

Empowering clients to think and feel more naturally, creatively, intuitively - emotional rewilding.

Inspiring others to get outside through accessible, attainable and affordable adventure and 'storytelling'.

Meaningful, socially responsible collaborations and partnerships.


One-to-one sessions outdoors and indoors (including online).

Group coaching - personal, corporate and third sector.

Workshops and Training - small and large group. 

Speaking events. 


The Nature Letters - nature-infused inspirational coaching-lead letters. 



The Matlock Therapy Centre - coaching and counselling

Online @whitepeak_ruth on Instagram 

(Find me and share your thoughts with me under the hashtags on Instagram:  #thenatureletters & #landscapism)

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