Our Values

The Slow Mountain Company is the home for outdoor folk or would-be-adventurers who believe the natural environment is more than just a playground; who go to the mountains to wonder at nature and wander into themselves. We also believe in being real – real outdoor time by real outdoor people, on real budgets; opinions, commentary, writing and design you can trust! If you have time to get out and get active then you are lucky and we never forget that. 

At The Slow Mountain Company we believe that outdoor spaces are for everyone without elitism. If you love the outdoors and have an appreciation for the environment, mountain cultures, people and nature then you are at home in the Company. Below are a few of our values that tell you a little bit more about tSMCo. We believe in:

·         The slow and strong beauty of nature

·         Sport and outdoor pursuits that leave little no negative trace on the environment but support local communities

·         A mindful appreciation of the mountains and their environment; and the privilege of free time in such places. 

·         Respect for the environment and mountain cultures around the world

·         Inclusive access to the outdoors that doesn't exclude individuals based on fitness, wealth or other arbitrary dividers

·         A ‘slow’ approach that support everything at it’s right time

·         Sustainable, ethical travel in all outdoor spaces from sea to summit

·         Authentic and credible trips and advice that can be trusted

·         Ethical merchandise from manufacture to distribution brought to you be people who really love the outdoors. 


At The Slow Mountain Co. we are committed to thoughtful, interesting and high quality words. Whether it’s personal essays, news from around the mountain world, or general trip logs and dispatches, we hope you will like what you read, and will feel inspired to get outdoors and maybe get writing for us yourself...

Our Apparel

All of our apparel and gear is designed by real outdoor folk for practical and easy use. You won’t find anything that we wouldn't wear and use ourselves. Everything is ethically and sustainably sourced, printed and delivered. We’re a brand you can trust! Our tees are carbon neutral and earth positive, and we package with biodegradeable, recycled supplies - Please reuse them or recycle.