Social Media Surgery

I feel like I’m not really me. I feel like a fraud. The whole thing makes me anxious. I can’t stop comparing my life to others. I worry that I’m missing out. It’s good for business but I feel like I’m selling my soul. I check my phone compulsively. I feel like I need to be perfect. Everyone lives a better life than me. What if everyone judges me?

Does any of this sound like you?

Social media offers unrivalled opportunities to reach your audience, or ‘tribe’ - whether purely for social connection, or for growing your business - but it can also be fertile ground for new or existing anxieties to develop and grow, for joy-stealing comparisons and for the general, subtle erosion of good mental health and well-being. This is true whether you have 100 followers, or 100 thousand, whether you’re using social media for sharing the small moments of your life, or whether you’re an established ‘influencer’.

Whilst ‘digital detox’ has become a popular short-term solution for online overwhelm, many of us return to our apps and platforms after a period away realising that social media is in our lives for the long-haul. The sustainable solution, therefore, is to build a healthy, balanced, manageable relationship with social media (within the broader context of your life) that puts you back in control.

How can I help?

Navigating the online world - particularly the emerging difficulties of social media - is, for many people, new. We’re all in this brave new world together and the rules of engagement are changing constantly. As a counselling psychotherapist and social media user and influencer, I have a unique perspective from both sides on how we can consciously create a healthier and more meaningful relationship with social media whilst also acknowledging its value and potential. I live and work within the ‘dilemma’ on a daily basis and have worked with many clients to rethink their relationship with social media during the course of therapy.

Our therapeutic, one-to-one session is a chance to talk frankly, without judgement and in absolute confidence about the difficulties you’re having with social media with someone who can help you understand what’s really going on beneath the surface. The aim is not to grow your social media following, or coach you into creating better content, but to help you live a healthier life in relation to your time spent online.

Why a dedicated session?

Longer-term therapy isn’t necessary or desirable for everyone, but a one-off, focused session on a particular problem can be very effective for setting new intentions and kick-starting healthier behaviours. In our session we will work in a structured way that means you will leave with new insight and new actions that will help you create healthy online time for yourself that isn’t harmful to your overall health and well-being.

What will we do?

Whilst the specifics of every session with every individual is different, we will broadly do the following:

  • Spend time understanding the difficulties you’re experiencing and how they relate to your life more broadly.

  • Take an in-depth look at how you currently use social media.

  • Consider the obvious and not-so-obvious ways that social media affects our health and wellbeing.

  • Consider social media within the broader context of your life and how you spend your time.

  • Explore what a ‘healthy relationship’ with social media might look like for you.

  • Set intentions and goals that you can action immediately.

Will you tell me what to do?

As with all of my work, I never tell you what to do. I will instead listen, reflect, challenge and collaborate with you to help you find your own solutions and feel empowered to put them into action.

How do I arrange a session?

To book a Social Media Surgery Session you can follow the link below. Slots will be available on an ad hoc basis and there will likely be 1-2 available sessions a week. We will aim to get you up and running in the one-session, but should you decide that you would like further sessions then we can discuss that at the end!

Social Media Surgery Sessions are designed to be intensively focused trouble-shooting sessions with a therapeutic orientation. If you are experiencing more serious mental health problems with social media, such as suicidality, severe anxiety or self-harm, please contact me directly and we can discuss how regular counselling sessions might be beneficial for you. Likewise, if you are a parent of a young person having difficulties with social media usage please contact me for further information/signposting.